About Randy


Randy Anderson hails from Butte Nebraska. He’s an earthmover by trade, musician by default, and predator hunter by the grace of God. He is by far, the most passionate predator hunter we know. He called in and shot his first coyote at the age of 14 and he’s been hard at it ever since.

Countless years of focused predator hunting have taught Randy Anderson how to reproduce the coyotes language. He knows what to say and when to say it. Where most predator hunters rely on distress calls to lure in coyotes, Randy speaks the language of the coyote by howling them in. Watching him work is amazing. Randy has custom designed a series of calls to his specs that will deliver the sounds he wants when he wants them for calling up predators.

In 1998 Randy began filming his hunts. Calling All Coyotes series, The Verminator series and now the Primos Truth about Calling Coyotes series are the fruits of his labor. His videos have sparked an interest in predator hunting for thousands of people throughout the country. For those that are already interested in predator hunting there are no other videos that compare. The action is non-stop. Randy can call in coyotes like know one else. Let him teach you how to speak the language and your next predator hunt will be a blast.

~by Will Primos

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